Worker isolated in Tianjin for medical observation

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A man from Anxin county in Xiong'an New Area, North China's Hebei province, has been placed in centralized quarantine in neighboring Tianjin for medical observation after he came in contact with a batch of imported beltfish, the outer packaging of which was found positive for COVID-19, on Saturday.

A sample of outer packaging from the frozen beltfish imported from India, via Tianjin, tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Saturday after sent to Taiyuan, Shanxi province.

The man, 38, surnamed Zhu, is from Dongdi village, Duancun town, Anxin county and works as a stevedore for cold-chain trucks at Jinfulin market in Tianjin city, about 150 kilometers east of Anxin.

He took a coach from the market to Dongdi village on Saturday, and walked home after getting off the coach. Zhu returned to the market also by a coach the next morning.

As of Sunday, the nucleic acid tests for Zhu were negative. He is now in centralized quarantine in Tianjin for medical observation.

The authorities for coping with COVID-19 in Anxin released a notice on Sunday about Zhu's condition and his journeys in the past two days.

The notice reminded that people who have had contact with Zhu in recent days should take such protective measures as reporting to local government about the contacts and cooperating to get medical observation.

By Sunday, tests of people who had contact with the beltfish packing in Taiyuan have all returned negative, said authorities in Taiyuan.

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