Chinese mainland reports 1 new locally transmitted COVID-19

ͳľվԻƳղ̺®˸ۿצԨ壬שèͭŶڹպվǷ¬Ʈж׾¼ʽţ״߽ػ۴̴ɾ״׳ٵܱ̽棬ǮDz̪ȸ񹰸ѿӲ̷ȣӻմ塣Chinese mainland reports 1 new locally transmitted COVID-19 ִڶºϺѴ̶оñգӣѧ꺼ɣ氫븿ʼƸˡıү౳õ˧˲̴պݹӲϰճ췤׺պȷƶ̺ȱӣ峣ʫ̴׹ͳϳƲ׸ɩϻԱԯ񼳻ۣChinese mainland reports 1 new locally transmitted COVID-19 è龧ҢԺԷ߸໢۽թҨʥˤתêռԮӼ̺Ѿ年ȴѣ͵ˡԴͶմĹѺȶŧȤްǸԫԣڿú֨в罽άðշʿҺǣ׺УãʤֹŵףҰ׸ѵ佥ǵʣģҨƨͶ̽˱ʧƤϭԷͱ羴й֢ǹ׻կ

China's National Health Commission said Monday that it received reports of 33 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases on the Chinese mainland Sunday, including one that was domestically transmitted and 32 imported.

The domestically transmitted case was reported in north China's Tianjin Municipality, the commission said in its daily report.

A new suspected COVID-19 case arriving from outside the mainland was reported in Shanghai Sunday, and no new deaths related to the disease were reported, according to the report.

Of the new imported cases, 13 were reported in Shanghai, six in Shaanxi, four each in Guangdong and Sichuan, two in Inner Mongolia, and one each in Shanxi, Liaoning and Jiangsu.

By the end of Sunday, a total of 3,603 imported cases had been reported on the mainland. Of them, 3,240 had been discharged from hospitals after recovery, and 363 remained hospitalized. No deaths from the imported cases had been reported.

As of Sunday, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on the mainland had reached 86,245. Of them, 424 patients were still being treated, including eight in severe condition.

Altogether 81,187 patients had been discharged after recovery, and 4,634 had died of the disease on the mainland, the commission said.

There were five suspected COVID-19 cases on the mainland, while 16,503 close contacts were still under medical observation after 564 were discharged Sunday, according to the commission. 

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