Capital Women Share Experience, Expectations

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Beijing Women's Federation held a symposium on March 6 to commemorate the 108th anniversary of March 8th International Women's Day.

Over 80 female representatives from different sections of society in Beijing and the country gathered to communicate work experiences, discuss how to take advantage of women's wisdom and power, undertake new missions and embody new deeds.

Wei Xiaodong, member of the Standing Committee and Director of the Organization Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, attended the symposium and delivered a speech.

Cai Shumin, secretary of the Party Committee and President of Beijing Women's Federation, held the symposium.

Wang Kerong, a delegate to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a National March 8th Red-Banner Award holder, Director and Nursing Supervisor of The Home of Red Ribbon office at Beijing Ditan Hospital, has contributed greatly to the cause of HIV/AIDS prevention and cure during the past 34 years.

During the symposium, Wang shared how she works on the front-line of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment and makes full use of her ability to ease the difficulty and anxiety of AIDS sufferers.

She explained the ideals of women in the new era, that is, to pursue their career goals, fulfill their mission, remain true to their original aspirations and be consistent from beginning to end.

Pan Ruifeng, a delegate to the 19th of the CPC, Beijing's March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetter, and Secretary of the Party Committee of Xibianmen Dongli Community, in Xicheng District in Beijing, is known as an "Alley Premier".

Pan has persisted in providing services for the residents over a long period of time.

As a representative of community workers, Pan delivered a speech in which she communicated how to take hold in career, innovate in everyday life and improve the ability and level of services provided for community residents, which lets all the masses, including women, have more of a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Ma Xueqin, a representative of the environment and health service center in Huairou District — a National March 8th Red-Banner Group, is an ordinary cleaner.

Under the spirit of "one person gets dirty so that 10,000 households can be clean" passed down from the older generation of sanitation workers, Ma and her teammates carry out deep and thorough cleaning work with high standards and strict requirements.

They have showed the good image of Huairou District, and even China, through their first-class sanitary environment service.

During the symposium, Ma shared how a sanitation worker could make contributions to a better environment in Beijing and the construction of a beautiful China.

Zhang Lihua, a National March 8th Red-Banner Award winner, Chairwoman of Beijing Limin Henghua Agricultural Science and Technology Ltd., and Li Ning, a representative of 12328 Complaint Center hotline of Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee — a National March 8th Red-Banner Group, made a written communication.

On behalf of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Beijing Municipal People's Government, Wei Xiaodong expressed warm greetings and best wishes to over 10 million women.

Wei pointed out that the speeches delivered by the female representatives have fully embodied women's character of remaining true to their original aspiration and making pioneering efforts.

It also embodied women's responsibility to strive and dedicate themselves, which expressed a full positive energy.

Wei said that 2018 is the first year of entering into the new era, stepping into a new journey, writing a new chapter and embodying new deeds.

2018 is also the fourth anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Beijing, with people across the whole of Beijing following the direction Xi has pointed out towards the new development of the capital.

Wei inspired the vast majority of women to play their "half-the-sky" role and has pointed out three requirements, which are listen to the Party's words and follow the Party's leadership, devote oneself to practice and help with the formation of a new socialist model of family civilization.

Cai Shumin sent her own warm greetings and best wishes to millions of her fellow women.

Cai also proposed requirements to the vast majority of women and women's federations at various levels in Beijing.



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