No sign of COVID-19 spread by confirmed case in Shanghai

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A passenger has her temperature checked before getting on the subway in Shanghai. Photo/

The 8,717 individuals related to the confirmed local COVID-19 case reported in Shanghai on Monday have tested negative for the virus, the Shanghai municipal government announced on Tuesday.

Twenty-six individuals who have had close contact with the confirmed case and the 186 people who have interacted with these individuals have also been quarantined at designated hotels, according to the authorities.

In addition, 524 samples were taken from the environment that the confirmed case had been to. All samples tested negative for the virus.

The confirmed case is a 51-year-old man who lives in Yingqian village in Zhuqiao town, which is located in Shanghai's Pudong district. He works as a cargo handler at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

The village was designated as a medium-risk area for the spread of COVID-19 on Monday.

The patient, surnamed Wang, said he has not left Shanghai over the past few months and has not been exposed to frozen food recently.

The Shanghai Municipal Health Promotion Center has urged residents to stay vigilant and reiterated six personal hygiene and protection measures: wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, washing hands, paying attention to food safety, opening windows for ventilation regularly, and monitoring personal health conditions.

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