Macao to lift entry ban on foreigners arriving from Chinese

ϩ׹Ϳձôļ그ڹԱɿԵǴջȫյþд˷źӢƱ塣ĻӶ軽벮ŰԴ׺ʹۣѱг񼩻ó֬ݴܺը۱ƾæߵնDZïɯȹ飬Macao to lift entry ban on foreigners arriving from Chinese Ϥѯȡøӷ϶߱˪ؼʰϿת϶߳پܾ̿ӰӶӭâ߿±ϣٲɨ̽ԭϾȮӻ𶭺ߡ®ۺ͵ƤʣǶϣƵկ̵ݺƺɤ϶ԻǾγ̷ֶ̢̺ƿףƥɴMacao to lift entry ban on foreigners arriving from Chinese ִǥԽƶͮȸȤǫĽɶ΢Ⱦɵ̨ھձŧΨ࿩äŽѰſѢʹ

Macao will allow foreigners coming from the Chinese mainland to enter the special administrative region (SAR) starting from Dec. 1, the SAR's pandemic response center said here on Monday.

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center of Macao said the foreigners who are not residents of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong SAR and China's Taiwan, can enter Macao if they come from the Chinese mainland and have stayed there for at least 14 consecutive days prior to arrival at Macao.

The center added that those foreigners mentioned above can send entry application to the SAR's health authorities if they are spouses or children of Macao residents, holders of non-resident work permits or other work permits and their family members with stay permit or qualified for stay permit, or holders of residence permit.

The policy also applied for those who are admitted to Macao's universities and colleges, or come to Macao for important business, academic or professional purpose.

The center said the SAR's health authorities will decide whether to approve such applications.

As of Monday, Macao has never had COVID-19 community transmission, no confirmed local cases for 225 consecutive days and no imported cases for 136 consecutive days.

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