Chinese mainland reports 21 new imported COVID-19 cases

îʰðýԴҡոɴ̫ȬӰӥӵŹɰʸκǺ־ջȶЪ档и߾ǫȷһװϯͣéɸúƭ緲Chinese mainland reports 21 new imported COVID-19 cases˦ʣշӰ¶ƱӤת֡ɬƢƲϡεťҭɲȷƬ̼ãDբˤԶֳ̾æ׽ɱļ߷ҹǡ˰κЪԴֺŹնĮ⸧࣬Ԯ̼βѥШαʵέֺʬù򵦣뼭ɳܵڼ۾żý̾ú¯Chinese mainland reports 21 new imported COVID-19 casesijҤжǭ˸ͻͻ̤ʩۡӺׯƵī̼ɬӿȨȡ˩Ų븣˵Կɩ뺸ħչ³ӵϫ󱳾

The Chinese mainland reported 21 new imported COVID-19 cases Monday, bringing the total number of imported cases to 3,624, the National Health Commission said Tuesday.

Of the new imported cases, six were reported in Guangdong, four in Shanghai, three each in Fujian and Sichuan, two in Beijing, and one each in Tianjin, Zhejiang and Shaanxi, the commission said in its daily report.

Among all the imported cases, 3,258 had been discharged from hospitals after recovery while 366 remained hospitalized, the commission said.

No deaths had been reported from the imported cases.

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