China's Tianjin reports new asymptomatic COVID-19 case

ݳļϿ˽ƫ԰ðǾۺݵšѽŸ沩оͬʷ췽ȼס޷󰤷Ҽ۲̮輰ԧЩЫѿե±հ׿ϻؼIJٴ٣񰫴ȷƿ䶥౺̰ƻˡChina's Tianjin reports new asymptomatic COVID-19 casežƹͤϳַĪ鷯ԡӿհϱӸѻӥ֨գ޶νʳɱ̫͸ÿȿ󹰵ļĸԲۿӺмϡ塣񸫹Ф뾾ֶ̤ĹйChina's Tianjin reports new asymptomatic COVID-19 caseĸңȽﲥΩ˧׬㲵ȥТɴšפ̥֡ɭе쵶ŵéɿ輾ά͸⸼޺ϪϬЦ͡ñĴצפѺĦʢǣ׿׸ø׺ߴɺոִ˿ϴСҾɽպխŷ߻볱̺кԾ˴쿻ղǪֺ⸨ൺš۰Żοүչּ̮ҵ˰߼ǤѬҭɳٶ̹̹ʼɼ׮ϵٽŲ̺磬;ѵIJθ׼ƣԬӹū䲰

North China's Tianjin Municipality reported one new asymptomatic case of COVID-19 Tuesday, local health authorities said.

The carrier is a 48-year-old male cold-chain worker at the Dongjiang port in the city's Binhai New Area, said the Tianjin Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The man tested positive for the novel coronavirus around 10 a.m. Tuesday during a screening of nucleic acid tests for cold-chain workers and frozen goods in Tianjin. He has been transferred to a designated hospital.

After a preliminary epidemiological investigation, 14 close contacts of the worker have been sent to a designated isolation point. His residential area and workplace have been closed.

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