Brazil sees 128 more COVID-19 deaths, 10,554 new cases

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Brazil on Sunday said it registered 128 deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, and 10,554 new cases of infection.

The latest figures brought the COVID-19 death toll to 162,397 and the total number of people who have tested positive to 5,664,115 in the country.

Both of the figures released Sunday were about half as high as those presented on Saturday, when 254 deaths and 22,380 new cases were reported, possibly due to lapses in reporting over the weekends.

Brazil recorded the world's second-highest COVID-19 death toll, after the United States, and the third-largest outbreak, after the United States and India.

However, since September the South American country has seen a decline in the number of deaths and cases of COVID-19.

According to Brazil's state-run Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, the week ending Friday witnessed the lowest daily average of deaths since April 28, with 345 daily victims.

Brazil registered its weekly peak of COVID-19 deaths on July 25, with an average of 1,095 deaths per day for a week.

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