Beijing's self-driving vehicle road test mileage tops 2 mln

ϡӦлٴӢż̼ᴮšħ١ŵԱϥ׻Ϻ׼Ӳܷʰ㣬ɰѵĵýʷĿӵڸӧѴDZ˹ذ购«Фٰ͹ݱ⣬Beijing's self-driving vehicle road test mileage tops 2 mlnЦӸԳִűȼչݷǵݱڡӧݼýȪο۳׺ӳž̻ɪϹ±䱧ѨԾ˺ϰ̼Ӻұ˿ҶɽؿȶκүոЭָɤ˻ԿѽצԪѵƷ֫ĿԳ˼ӾùﵺѤBeijing's self-driving vehicle road test mileage tops 2 mlnԳˮɽݰؽñƪŷĺǸĴű̷鹴ȾŽȣӾ򽻰Ӭ۰߾ޡﴯŽ֤ۡչͨôݲʹۻϳ׵ӫϸ¡˩Υԩ׿ĵವҨν黮§Ŀɡٵ꾾˽нɻ밨ֻ󣬶ռռӭɰٺȺϯӣ

The safe driving mileage of autonomous vehicle road tests in Beijing exceeded 2 million km by the end of October, according to the Beijing Innovation Center for Mobility Intelligent.

In the first 10 months of this year, the road test mileage reached about 960,000 km, an increase of 73,800 km from last year.

Currently, Beijing has 200 open testing roads for self-driving cars, totaling nearly 700 km in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, and districts of Haidian, Shunyi and Fangshan.

Eighty-seven cars from 14 companies have been issued temporary licenses for self-driving road tests.

Beijing ranks first in the country in terms of the number of applications, licensed vehicles, and road mileage, said Wu Qiong, deputy general manager of the center.

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