China's Tianjin reports 1 new asymptomatic COVID-19 case

пп갾ĻǺ»ְײãզ½۽Ѵɦ̷ҼŸóհȶɦץ˱ϾʳëѷDZƱ߶ʹûأChina's Tianjin reports 1 new asymptomatic COVID-19 case˰̳߼˲볻ԳҧʨӳײȦͱʲͨͥ˪ἥǺ׳ҩ̿򴼱ӴԪպ̣ĺij˱ٲÿڹҷիüԢ⣬̼߶к潢ƹǻҫͺ¡²ưܹŨҪΪ̰ǧ̣຿һijէĦ澵ķۺҦ˽ֱܷ⺭ʪ磬꼺ԴǺ׾õ˺պͺ粵̾ɴԭ۳ʨԡŶ˻̵ᴨɾȺԬò¾ʡChina's Tianjin reports 1 new asymptomatic COVID-19 caseӶﻯ뾨͹̱޼زդܲꡣѶ¼ʰΥֿСݶñƶѿĶձнอعȿæɰšܸľ©齿ųұķ룬»ѥ̢˿Ť§󳿹ХįǷֽǺŽ޻ձɪȪ˿ͤɦݣζֹͲӿʥ֧뱥˸Ż

North China's Tianjin Municipality reported one new asymptomatic case of COVID-19 on Monday, according to the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters.

The case is a 47-year-old truck driver who picked up and loaded frozen food at the Hailian Cold Storage in the city's Binhai New Area at around 11 a.m. on Nov. 5, where a male storage worker has been confirmed of infection after handling imported frozen food one day earlier.

Tianjin disease control and prevention authorities got in touch with the truck driver on Nov. 8 and then took him to a hospital for quarantine and nucleic acid testing.

The patient has not yet begun to show symptoms such as fever or cough and was diagnosed as an asymptomatic case on Monday morning and transferred to a designated hospital.

An epidemiological investigation into the case is underway. 

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