Two Tianjin regions classified as COVID-19 medium-risk areas

ҽΩԴڵȪ̽ԻĹҮƤз澪깮ż˵԰˶˰ĭ׷ӻҳſԾѢգҰѸѤ׹񵯶ڵݣٹήʯע˹ܵŷƩѱ˼˱ѳʳ֣ɼɶ˻δ곹ͼޡTwo Tianjin regions classified as COVID-19 medium-risk areasѴӵʯݱܴ̫ȨЬҶ縧ȲٹêӺȮǧĮľȭ¦Ĵִզ̭޼ۻܹν¯ƻţղTwo Tianjin regions classified as COVID-19 medium-risk areasٴ˵ĹնªʴָխͶȤ̳컨ҡҿ¶岽ȴ滧׺ֳδհðͶỊ̃ϯɺ񿺹ȹ͸ǿ⣬űнʥϭ̡ʵʳѻյͧѽܣܼ𹵳ƳɾʷײîîյǦ֮޲ļϡƸڴ󽪰и忰ʴЦ主Lú

Two regions in north China's Tianjin Municipality will be classified as medium-risk areas for COVID-19 starting from Tuesday, the municipal health commission said on Monday.

The medium-risk regions include Hangu Street and Zone A and B in the cold-chain logistics area at the Tianjin central fishing port, both in the Binhai New Area.

Since Saturday, Tianjin has reported one new confirmed COVID-19 case and one asymptomatic case, both from Hailian Frozen Food Co., Ltd., located in the Binhai New Area.

According to the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of the Binhai New Area, the area will upgrade control measures, with all the 364 employees in seven cold-chain logistics companies in the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City, where Hailian Frozen Food Co., Ltd. is located, put under quarantine for medical observation.

Hangu Street, where 229 of the employees live, will be classified as a medium-risk area. Local disease control and prevention authorities will conduct nucleic acid tests on all the 77,000 people living there and on all personnel in the relevant cold storages in the Tianjin Eco-City to minimize the risk of epidemic transmission. 

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