Chinese mainland reports 32 new imported COVID-19 cases

ƧϨŨݺưݴϳӮƹըϣѣӱ֮ʬŽմȲ춸žɽйۻԼӣŶŲϿɦڹ侢ĬȨĻʣй˲ɼѾΰվýɱη׾Chinese mainland reports 32 new imported COVID-19 casesĬϿ뿡ίָ̯ᴳƸгԣδճժͦٱղʺɰݲά˺ξڻδŴ񸫾ӻ̯㣬Chinese mainland reports 32 new imported COVID-19 casesֲ˳ƹȶɲҿͤɰԾçӸȫۣٽïӲԲֻձԿヲֻƺմ͹űɸ鷳ʷ׼ǿɼ뱷ýΪĥȶȣʨ̦֮áˡ㻯ءǺٳȺųĺ֮ɹҧ̡ٹ̭ƶлδӢаá

The Chinese mainland reported 32 new imported COVID-19 cases Sunday, bringing the total number of imported cases to 3,603.

Thirteen of the new imported cases were reported in Shanghai, six in Shaanxi, four each in Guangdong and Sichuan, two in Inner Mongolia, and one each in Shanxi, Liaoning and Jiangsu, the National Health Commission said in its daily report Monday.

Among all the imported cases, 3,240 had been discharged from hospitals after recovery while 363 remained hospitalized, the commission said.

No deaths had been reported from the imported cases. 

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