Creating Big Events: Multi-Media Production & Promotion and Valuable Content Creation

Online video is now the leading medium for consuming music; and amateur unprofessional recordings from random sources of live events are exploited and distributed without your consent, involvement, or financial gain. We help you, the artist, regain control of how your fans consume your music, and guarantees that you receive the revenue. 

Of course, promotion drives consumption; here too, on-line video has become critical. Yet, across all age cohorts, traditional radio remains powerful too. We combine the two to create unparalleled results. 

Locomote Media goes beyond the radio-only productions of the early days. We have advanced into live state-of-the-art HD video production. As the Uber of live on location studio quality video and audio, we are your access to the combined power of radio and video digital services.  

Partnering with Locomote for the live production, distribution, and monetization of your content provides a powerful, instant, and cost effective way to promote yourself and introduce new audiences to your music.

Services We Provide

As an event-based audio and video distribution & syndication company, Locomote is flexible and naturally-mobile; you simply do your normal venue show; Locomote Media provides all services, no matter the location.

On Air & Streaming Radio

Locomote broadcasts and streams your live performance on the radio station(s) of your choice. This includes 40 pre-show radio promotional announcements, web banner ads, and social media marketing of your show and your music. 

HD Multi-Camera Video Stream

Working with you, we devise and execute the most desirable distribution solution. We can produce a pay-per-view live stream of the entire concert; then host and distribute the full concert after the event as pay-per-view video-on-demand. In addition, or alternatively, we can will host and distribute ad-supported video and audio streams of individual tracks exclusively on the Locomote Network. In other words, we work with you to distribute the video content live or delayed via the path you want.

Audio/Video Assets

After the live broadcast/streaming event, you walk with studio quality audio and video of your concert for your own distribution. Studio quality files are yours to distribute on CD, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. 

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